Whether you are out celebrating a wedding, birthday, or just want to enjoy a crisp cigar – whatever the occasion, we have what you need! Turning Leaf understands the various individual lifestyle preferences in the community, and is motivated to meet those needs for individuals using tobacco products. We have a variety of premium tobacco products carefully selected from well explored vendors, because we know our customers deserve the finest.

Our cigar products are currently available in-store only at select locations. Please see our locations tab to find a store near you.

Fresh • Premium • Smooth • Authentic • Sweet • Earthy • Balanced

Cigar Products


Hookahs, glass pipes, papers, herb grinders, trays, scales, lighters, and more!


Premium tobacco rolled in quality-grade paper or similar substance of various strengths in mild, medium, or bold.


Combustible flavored tobacco containing nicotine – typically smoked using a hookah. 


Smokeless tobacco in lozenge and pouch form.