Turning Leaf – Madison West, WI

2701 University Ave., Suite I Madison, WI 53705
Phone: 608 665 3777 Open until 7:00 pm

Store Hours

11:00 am open
7:00 pm close
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10:00 am open
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10:00 am open
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We carry a large selection of vape liquids, disposables & devices.
Walk-in humidor with a premium cigar assortment.
We carry cannabis products: gummies, beverages & more!
This shop has a large selection of wellness products.
Pets Welcome! We carry treats + tinctures.

Come Visit Us

Discover a diverse range of CBD, THC, wellness, vapor, and cigar products at Turning Leaf-Madison West. Our commitment to education, quality, and positive energy drives everything we do. We offer a curated selection of trusted products from reputable vendors. Our knowledgeable team undergoes continuous training to assist you in finding products that perfectly suit your lifestyle. 

Turning Leaf-Madison West is located near dozens of local favorites, such as beautiful Lake Mendota, Chazen Museum of Art, Lombardino’s Restaurant, and Everyday Kitchen!

Meet the Manager

Emily (she/her)


FAVORITE PRODUCTS? Hometown Hero Rainbow Rice Krispies have a great effect and flavor. Secret Nature Live Resin Disposables have both an immaculate flavor and great stimulating effect, the discrete style packaging is a big plus when out and about! Foundry Pet CBD helps my cat unwind at night – she is too rambunctious for me to get a full nights rest, so we both take CBD in the evening: game. changer.

FAVORITE MIDWEST SAYING? “Yeah, no yeah” = Yes; “No, yeah no” = No
*can differ based on tone, must speak fluent Midwestern to decipher the difference.

WHY I LOVE TL? The support that is offered here is unmatched. Whether you’re a team member or director, you will find that everyone wants others to be successful, and will support them to help them achieve their goals. I have not witnessed a more kind and healthy working culture than the one that is cultivated within our company.

Got a new mod new addy coils for it and juice. All were good. First time went in there must’ve the guys first week or something and grabbed the wrong coils on accident. Came back to tell them what happened and they returned them. Good thing I kept the receipt otherwise every other receipt I throw away but kept that one👍
Dylanis chillinDylanis chillin
01:57 10 Apr 24
I can’t be more proud to say i’m a regular to a smoke shop. Lovely customer support great products and even greater staff.
Colton OwensColton Owens
05:21 26 Mar 24
Super friendly and helpfull staff. Lots of deals like buy 3 get 1 free. Great rewards program! One of the better stores in town for vape products!
Harm reduction. Dr at John Hopkins says every smoker should vape and no kids should take it up. British public health determined 95% better than smoking.No more cough or congestion. I can exercise again and smell and taste food. Born again vaper. TWO YEARS LATTER. No more COPD, Sleep Apnea... 3 mile hikes daily.
Nikolai AuklandNikolai Aukland
02:59 04 Mar 24
Adam WadeAdam Wade
13:04 19 Feb 24
Can't go wrong here. Great people. Fair Prices. Quality product.
18:37 15 Jan 24
Sam, super knowledgeable about about products, literally answered every question. Thanks!
Ray OfSunshineRay OfSunshine
20:12 11 Jan 24
This has got to be one of, if not, THE best smoke shop in Madison. I’m a semi-regular and the staff are such consistently brilliantly knowledgeable and friendly. They’re helpful, welcoming and hard working. I've honestly never had a negative experience here at the west location off of University.Their products are great, their promotions are fantastic, but above all else, their staff are just beyond phenomenal. They’ve definitely earned my loyalty ❤️
Dan MeloyDan Meloy
00:52 30 Nov 23
Today the employee Erin did a Great job explaining the products to this old Marine Veteran. I Will Definitely be a return customer.Thank you Erin for a job well done.
Rose YahnkeRose Yahnke
01:11 02 Sep 23
Awesome shop located super conveniently on University Avenue near the hospital bay. It's on multiple bus routes and there is a bike path nearby, so it's easy to get to no matter your method of transportation.The staff is very knowledgeable. I have not had a recommendation from Bailey or Emily that wasn't right up my alley! The products are all high-quality and third-party tested. I love the selection of incense and the variety of methods available for CBD products. There are edibles, flower, vapes and cartridges, tinctures, beverages, and topicals.
Galdino CoronelGaldino Coronel
22:38 04 May 23
I stopped there today, and both women behind the counter did a great job! Especially i believe her name was Kate or kayla, im bad with names ugh. But anyhows i bough the smok nord 4, and the knowledge she taught me on these vapes, was super helpful. Definitely helped with my purchase. Thanks again!