Most batteries will last between 300 and 500 charge cycles, but battery lifetime can be extended far beyond those numbers if charged regularly before complete discharge. All batteries degrade over time, but you’ll often get over a year or two of life from an 18650 depending on your use.
All personal vaporizers utilize high discharge lithium batteries (18650,217001,20700). These batteries are by far the most crucial part of your device. To tell what battery is need please refer to your User Manual for your device.
There’s really no set schedule when it comes to replacing the battery in your vaping device. You might have to replace your batteries every few months or more if you use them at high power levels. On the other hand, you might get a couple of years out of your batteries if you vape at a lower power level.

Vaporizers are equipped with batteries. These batteries need to be charged. Since they are lithium-ion batteries, expect them to be stronger than those found in wireless devices. Holding a strong charge, you should never overcharge them, or else they can become dangerous items. That is why you are reminded to adhere to safe charging directions by considering the type of voltage used and the charge time itself.

There are vape pens that have USB charging ports in them. These can be connected to different types of charging plugs. Make sure you use the correct charging plug, specifically the one that came with the device. Original chargers will assure your device charges safely. You will never want a lower quality plug to put you at risk while charging your vaping device.

Alongside following charging directions, you must also be familiar with safe charging habits. Make sure that your plugged vaping device is not left unattended. Never charge the device when you are sleeping, or when you are away running an errand. Make sure that the device has not been left charging for too long, even when you are using the correct plug. Never plug it into USB-capable devices like your computer or smart TV hub. Vaping device chargers are made to be plugged into a wall outlet.

Vape batteries were made to charge safely at a temperature ranging from 60 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. When exposed to extreme weather, hot or cold, these batteries can become damaged. Cheaper batteries will definitely damage the device as it becomes exposed to extreme weather or temperature conditions.

One of the most effective ways to prevent vaporizers from exploding is making sure you only buy higher quality vaporizers. Not only will these devices be a good investment, but they also charge properly while keeping the voltage at safe levels, that is, whenever you are charging or using them. They are also more enjoyable to use when compared to cheaper vapes. Remember, you will only get high-quality vapes if you search and do some research on the products yourself.

Just like any other battery, a battery for an electronic cigarette or mod vape battery has limitations on what temperature it is able to handle and what power can be drawn safely from the device itself.

If a battery is to overheat, whether it is inside the vape or electronic cigarette device or on a charging device, it is able to create a chain reaction that can lead to leakage of a liquid that is superheated, explosion, or ignition. This, of course, can cause severe damage to a person or possessions, which is why safety is key when using these devices.

  • Make sure you read and understand the manufacturer’s recommendations for use and care of your device. If your vape did not come with instructions or you have further questions, contact the manufacturer.
  • Don’t remove or disable safety features—like fire button locks or vent holes—that are designed to prevent battery overheating and explosions.
  • Only use batteries recommended for your device. Don’t mix different brands of batteries, use batteries with different charge levels, or use old and new batteries together.
  • Charge your vape on a clean, flat surface, away from anything that can easily catch fire and someplace you can clearly see it—not a couch or pillow where it is more prone to overheat or get turned on accidentally.
  • Protect your vape from extreme temperatures by not leaving it in direct sunlight or in your car on a freezing cold night.

Don’t mix and match sets of batteries – while many batteries may look the same, you should never mix and match these components because the voltage output may be different which will damage your batteries.


Coils / Atomizers

Heavy vapers should change their coils every five to seven days. Moderate vapers should change their coils every two weeks. Light vapers can get away with changing their coils every three to four weeks.


When you vape with a coil that needs to be replaced, you will often sense a burnt taste, regardless of which kind of e-juice you are using. This burnt taste is a strong indication that you need to replace your coil.


An “atomizer” used to refer to the coil of any vape tank, the part that is responsible for vaporizing e-liquid. It was later stretched to describe the entire vape tank, i.e. what you would put on top of a mod to vape. Rebuildables, clearomizers and cartomizers were all considered “atomizers.”


Cotton in general, is a natural fiber that has many uses. However, there are several differences between traditional cotton and organic cotton fibers. One key difference is that organic cotton products are made without toxic chemicals. That’s because in order to be called organic, a requirement is that the cotton is grown without them. While regular cotton growing starts with seeds that are genetically modified, certified organic cotton eliminates any use of GMOs.


The most frequent cause of a leaky tank is the improper filling of the tank. When you are filling your tank, be sure that you don’t accidentally fill or spill any e-liquid into the chimney. If you are new to vaping, the chimney is the tube that runs through the middle of the tank to the mouthpiece. If liquid is spilled into the chimney, it causes the tank to gurgle and leak. Use caution when filling your tank and try to avoid spilling juice into the chimney. If you do accidentally get juice in the chimney of your tank, it can easily be cleaned out with a paper towel.

Another problem that can cause a vape tank to leak is a damaged O-ring. The O-ring is a rubber ring usually found at both the top and bottom of the tank. Sometimes, these rings can get ripped or damaged. If the O-ring on your tank is damaged, there is no air seal and it will leak juice. You can order replacement rings online and installing them is as simple as taking your tank apart, removing the rings, and replacing them with new ones.

The third problem is also encountered very frequently. If you store or transport your device in a horizontal position, it can cause the device to leak. When a tank is stored on its side for an extended period, juice tends to leak out of the device’s airflow holes. To fix this, simply avoid leaving the tank in a horizontal position for extended periods of time.

  1. Fill a bowl with warm water.
  2. Detach tank from mod.
  3. Dispose of any e-liquid remaining in the tank
  4. Completely disassemble your tank.
  5. Place the tank components into a bowl.
  6. Wash tank components in water until clean. If the tank is extremely dirty, a few drops of dish soap will help!
  7. Dry off each component with a paper towel.
  8. Let stand and air dry for 10-15 minutes.
  9. Reassemble tank and device.


mAh stands for milliampere hour.

An amp is a measure of electrical current, and the hour indicates the length of time that the battery can supply this current. A 2.2Ah (2200mAh) battery can supply 2.2 amps for an hour.

All things being equal, the bigger the mAh rating of a battery the longer it will last. For example, if you have a mod that has an integrated 5000mAh battery and you set it to output 30 watts, it will last twice as long as a mod that has an integrated 2500mAh battery if the output is also set to 30 watts. However, in the e-cig industry things are never quite so simple, other factors such as an atomizer head resistance along with fixed output or direct current mods will also have an impact on battery life.

Wattage is essentially the output or power of a device. A mod set at 50W will vaporize more e-liquid than a mod at 30W, just as a 75W light bulb will be brighter than a 40W bulb.


If using a direct current/bypass kit or mechanical mod, atomizer head resistance will play a big part in battery life. The lower an atomizer heads resistance, the more power is generated at the coil, higher power = more current drawn from the battery to heat the coil meaning less battery life.

P= V ²/R

(P = Power, V = Voltage, R = Resistance)

Example 3.7 * 3.7 / 0.5 = 27 watts of power

Example 3.7 * 3.7 / 1.8 = 7.6 watts of power


Spitback has a simple cause: e-liquid gets pooled up on the coil itself and gets “cooked” instead of being vaporized. It spits similar to the way boiling water does, and with you inhaling from the tip, you can easily catch a droplet or two. The problem is closely linked to flooded coils, but, in some cases, it can happen even without flooding. Here are some ways to prevent spitting and popping from occurring.


“Check Atomizer” or “No Atomizer” will appear when your vape mod isn’t reading your coil correctly. This can be due to the 510 connector not reading properly (where the tank screws onto the mod), the coil not making proper contact inside of the tank, or possibly a short.


No. CBD is non-intoxicating and will not get you high. CBD works with your body’s Endocannabinoid System, which is responsible for regulating many bodily functions, without any psychotropic effects.


Both hemp seed oil and CBD come from the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil is produced only from the seeds, and while it’s nutritionally dense with many purported health benefits, it contains zero CBD. CBD must be derived from the whole mature plants including stalks and flowers.


Hemp and marijuana both belong to the Cannabis Sativa L. plant species, and while they retain a number of similarities, they have some key differences. The defining characteristic between hemp and marijuana is the chemical composition contained within each plant. Both plants produce CBD, the non-intoxicating cannabis compound. However, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)—the substance that produces the feeling of a “high”—is produced at very different levels.

By nature, the marijuana plant contains much higher levels of THC (up to 30%). The hemp plant, on the other hand, is classified as having less than 0.3% THC and is high in CBD—making it an ideal source for getting all the beneficial properties of cannabis without any intoxicating effects.

Terpenes are a large and diverse class of organic compounds produced by a variety of plants. Terpenes are what give each flower, herb and fruit its own unique scent and flavor. Every day, everywhere you go, you encounter terpenes. When you zest a lemon, you smell terpenes. In addition to unique aromas, terpenes play an equally important role in influencing the way we taste, smell and feel when a plant, herb or fruit is consumed. This happens because terpenes interact synergistically with other botanical compounds and humans hormones to create a phenomenon referred to as the “entourage effect” that magnifies the benefits of the plant’s individual components.

The best way to consume CBD oil is by placing a desired amount under the tongue and letting it sit for 60 seconds. This maximizes absorption into the bloodstream. If you find CBD unpalatable, it may be added to food or beverage, but some CBD will be lost in the digestive process.


We suggest keeping your products in a cool dark place.


In short, you can’t overdose on CBD. A World Health Organization (W.H.O.) report concluded that CBD is “generally well tolerated with a good safety profile.” So far, scientific research has not pinpointed any clear limits to how much CBD is too much CBD. In the absence of precise doses or limits to how much CBD to take, the best thing to do is start slow and pay attention to how your body reacts.


Drug tests typically look for THC, which is primarily found in marijuana. Our Isolate formulas contain 0.0% THC and our full spectrum products contain less than 0.3% THC. We cannot guarantee you will not fail a drug test.


CBD is federally legal under the 2018 farm bill.


We are a cruelty free company certified by Leaping Bunny. We do not test on animals and we do not source any ingredients that are tested on animals.


Yes, all of our products are third party lab tested. You can find all of our lab reports by visiting the Lab page on our website.


Our products are formulated for humans and we do not recommend giving them to your pet. We suggest using a pet specific formula and checking with your veterinarian before starting your pet on any new supplement.


According to the TSA, CBD/hemp products can now be taken both in carry-on and checked bags as long as they have less than 0.3% THC. If you are traveling internationally, we recommend checking local law regarding the legality of CBD products.


CBD can interact with prescribed medications, so it’s important to talk with your doctor before adding CBD into your routine.


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