Delta-9 Microdose Gummies


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More bounce to the ounce. Botany’s Microdose Gummies contains a balanced 1:1 mix of Delta-9 THC and CBD to provide a smooth and easy ride. These gummies feature 100% hemp-derived CBD and Delta-9 THC. There are no synthetic distillates or unknown compounds here, just delicious flavors and good vibes.

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  • 1:1 Delta-9 THC + CBD a balanced mix of to awaken creativity and ease stress. Learn more.
  • No synthetic distillates

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Corn Syrup, Water, Pectin Blend, Natural Flavor, Natural Color, Citric Acid, Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids

Contains <0.3% hemp-derived THC.

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The statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, consult your physician before use.


This product contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. Do not use this product if you are subject to THC testing. People who are pregnant or have a medical condition should consult their physician before use. May cause drowsiness. Avoid operating heavy machinery. Keep out of reach of children and pets. If you are new to THC we strongly encourage you to start low and slow. Explore what dosage works for you in a comfortable environment, and review recommendations on product packaging before consuming.

Why We Love Botany Farms

Minority-Women-Owned: Botany Farms is a minority- and woman-owned craft cannabis company that has become a customer favorite for its selection and quality.

Sourced Responsibly: They specialize in organic small-batch product runs to ensure quality and consistency.

Made in MN: Created locally in our home state of Minnesota.

36 reviews for Delta-9 Microdose Gummies

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Based on 36 reviews
  1. Melanie R. (Verfied Buyer)

    I take one before bed and I sleep like a baby!

  2. Lucy (Verfied Buyer)

    These taste great, actually, which is a bonus. I’ve had the strawberry flavor. The high is super chill/relaxing. I’ve purchased them twice already. Will be back for more!

  3. Esther C. (Verfied Buyer)

    Oh so delicious and just the right combo of relaxation and creative exploration of my inner mind….LOVE THESE!

  4. Rae M. (Verfied Buyer)

    The use of the Delta-9’s has greatly improved my sleep. I can see from my app that I have much more restorative sleep since taking these at night.

  5. Wendy C. (Verfied Buyer)

    Perfect for relaxing & winding down. I take 1/2 of a gummy. Helps with getting to sleep, anxiety, & even mild to moderate pain. I have 2 bulging disc in my lower spine which can be quite painful at times. They also taste great. 🙂

  6. Bella P. (Verfied Buyer)

    Love these this is like my 4th time buying and I’m not ashamed such a nice high

  7. Dezerae O. (Verfied Buyer)

    I temporarily work a stocking job and sometimes we work 10-12 hour shifts and it is very tiring and hard on the body. I eat one of these gummies to help wind me down for the night so i can get proper rest. I highly recommend these.

  8. Vanessa P. (Verfied Buyer)

    I really love the gummies!! They help with my pain!!

  9. porkchop (Verfied Buyer)

    very nice tasting and very long-lasting effects

  10. Victor B. (Verfied Buyer)

    I needed at least 2 of them to actually get me somewhere but not dissatisfied

  11. Debra C. (Verfied Buyer)

    Product 4.5. Packaging 0. These packages make me want to rip my head off. Wound up cutting them open and clipping them, which will likely make them get hard, and possibly compromise them.

  12. Ashley (Verfied Buyer)

    Love the pleasant high and flavor choice. Really enjoy the watermelon and the pineapple. Get a pleasant and chill effect so love them as a afternoon wind down.

  13. Brandie S. (Verfied Buyer)

    I take these to help me relax so I can sleep and the CBD is nice for alleviating my mild knee pain at night.

  14. austin v. (Verfied Buyer)

    Super tasty, work quickly usually 20 minutes

  15. Ej (Verfied Buyer)

    As a new user of edibles, I find these to be a very nice and subtle way to relax at bedtime. They take the edge off to aid with sleep and also help with some body pain. Would recommend if you are looking for something not too strong.

  16. Shane F. (Verfied Buyer)


  17. Chris . (Verfied Buyer)

    Great product. Usually feel the effects within 15-20 minutes.

  18. Barbara L. (Verfied Buyer)

    To be honest, I was skeptical about ordering these. But I did and have to say they are very, very nice. So much so that I just purchased a second bag! Highly recommend!

  19. Loren B. (Verfied Buyer)

    I like the product. It really relaxes me.

  20. Sanford R. (Verfied Buyer)

    They did as advetised

  21. Jacob C. (Verfied Buyer)

    Strong feeling if taken in high doses, so, be careful and take just enough so you enjoy the smooth high!

  22. Joshua . (Verfied Buyer)

    These are perfect for long road trips or when you are in pain

  23. Joseph H. (Verfied Buyer)

    Very well done, almost delicious smoke.

  24. John (Verfied Buyer)

    This things hit wait 30min and boom off into another world.

  25. Rita B. (Verfied Buyer)

    The delta nine is my preference compared to delta eight. The nine gives a better unwind and it’s good for relaxing after a long day.

  26. Allison M. (Verfied Buyer)

    Their gummies are always consistent and good quality!

  27. Lindsey P. (Verfied Buyer)

    Going to try an energy or focused one instead

  28. Gregory I. (Verfied Buyer)

    Perfect to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

  29. Steven C. (Verfied Buyer)

    Using as a sleep aid- works great, great flavor

  30. Erick G. (Verfied Buyer)

    These gummies are the best I’ve found online. This is my 5th time ordering from Botany Farms and I’ve not been disappointed.

  31. Dan T. (Verfied Buyer)

    Ventured into the Gummies’ world for the first time. These are fresh and tasty and of course very good. Thanks

  32. Donna R. (Verfied Buyer)

    Perfect product, great customer care and love the rewards program!

  33. Kevin C. (Verfied Buyer)

    Nice dosing thc/cbd for sleep or just kicking back

  34. Donna B. (Verfied Buyer)

    Very enjoyable.

  35. DJ (Verfied Buyer)

    I like the quality, tastes pretty good, hits nice, great customer service.

  36. Ian M. (Verfied Buyer)

    I’ve been using the Delta-9 THC Gummies for several months now, and they are extremely helpful in dealing with my anxiety and panic attacks. I only have half of a gummy at a time and wait five hours in between doses. SUPER EFFECTIVE at controlling anxiety, while leaving me more than lucid enough to be