BLISS CBD Sparkling Water


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Brighten and refresh your spirit. Infused with mood-boosting terpenes and CBD, this light and effervescent beverage promotes good vibes while elevating your energy and focus.

TERPENES: Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Pinene and Terpinolene

FLAVOR: Pink Grapefruit

STRENGTH: CBD: 20mg | THC: 0.00%

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  • CBD: Ease Stress + Promote Balance
  • Beta-Caryophyllene: Antioxidant
  • Limonene: Elevate Mood + Ease Stress
  • Pinene: Memory + Focus + Alertness
  • Terpinolene: Antioxidant + Boost Immunity

Carbonated Reverse Osmosis Water, CBD Nanoisolate, Natural Grapefruit Flavor, BLNCD Bliss Terpene Blend (Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Pinene, Terpinolene), Non-GMO Soy Lecithin, Natural Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Natural Flavors


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Total Sugars 0
Total Carbs 0

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Why We Love BLNCD

Women-Owned:  Founders, Allison, Daniela, and Andrea, share a passion for ethical, conscious sourcing, high-level quality control, and an integrated approach to health and wellness.

All Natural Ingredients: Products made with USDA Certified Organic Hemp. No Artificial Flavors, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, and Vegan.

Made in MN: Created locally in our home state of Minnesota.

Family Brand: BLNCD is part of our circle of Global Organic Distro family brands.

69 reviews for BLISS CBD Sparkling Water

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Based on 69 reviews
  1. 208leah

    BLISS – CBD Sparkling Water is awesome! the flavor is strong but not overpowering, and different varieties to choose from. so easy to take on the go and the added bonus of feeling my pain ease from the cbd is what makes it so great! would definitely recommend and/or buy again!

  2. Hafsa Shaikh

    This sparkling water is awesome. I love the flavor. It has one kind of energy that wakes you up. It feels like strong after drinking it. I love the taste. It doesn’t have any calories. So overall I love it.

  3. Christy S.

    This is my new favorite product! Nicely flavored. What I really liked was the zen feeling that I got when I was drinking it. It really just made me feel calm with a sense of wellness.

  4. Rebecca C

    The BLNCD Bliss CBD Sparkling Water was quite different, but had a great taste. It was easy to drink. It was also very refreshing. Looking forward to trying other flavors!

  5. Laura B

    Surprisingly, this tastes pretty darn good. This is going to be a full time staple.

  6. Stephanie W

    I tried this in the grapefruit flavor. I can tell you that it was extremely tasty. No horrible aftertaste. Very refreshing. I felt invigorated at the same time level if that makes sense? I can see me purchasing these keeping them in my fridge and pulling one out anytime I want to feel refreshed!

  7. Tania D.

    BLNCD Bliss CBD Sparkling Water in Pink Grapefruit has no carbs, no calories and can be enjoyed on it’s own or by making cocktails or even doing what I suggest and adding a little grapefruit juice and ginger ale. Bonus benefits are calcium, potassium and vitamin C. Great all the way around.

  8. Stacy W

    This was a very good water. Loved that it had CBD in it. My first time trying something like this.

  9. Tiffany J

    Great flavor and love the added bonus of CBD!

  10. Brianna Z

    These are pretty good!! I am a huge sparkling water fan.

  11. Jean P

    Not ususally a fan of sparkling water but I loved the hint of grapefruit and would buy again.

  12. Rebecca M

    I was not a huge fan of this, but I’m not a huge fan of sparkling water. I think if this was more juice-based it might be better, but to me it had very little flavor and all I tasted was carbonation.

  13. Jenny W

    Had a nice refreshing taste and was in a relaxed good mood afterwards.

  14. Samantha R

    The drink was refreshing and tasted good.

  15. Luljeta D


  16. Tamara T

    I love it, helped me relax.

  17. Dawn M

    The grapefruit cbd sparkling water is not only calming, but refreeshing, bubbly and calories free. No weird aftertaste. Perfect size can.

  18. Taylor H

    I normally don’t care for grapefruit flavored things, but I must say these have a nice flavor to them! It’s not overwhelming and goes great if you mix it with another drink like juice.

  19. Paige B

    Pink grapefruit is such a different flavor than I usually try but I’m obsessed. It’s infused with mood-boosting terpenes and CBD, this slight and effervescent beverage promotes good vibes while elevating your energy and focus. I dislike sparkling water but I’m a fan of this and it’s 20mg of CBD!

  20. Vellecia S

    I definitely enjoyed this as a cocktail, recipe included. It was refreshing and delicious. I mixed mine with vodka and all I tasted was fresh squeezed grapefruit. i tasted the Bliss by itself and it was delicious and bubbly.

  21. Kimberly A

    This had a clean and refreshing taste. I was able to get the scent of grapefruit too.

  22. Darcy R

    Nice flavor!

  23. Debra S

    My brother loved it! He says it tastes fruity.

  24. Brittany H

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of sparkling water, but I appreciated the chance to try this. The packaging is absolutely beautiful and getting a full can in my box was lovely! CBD products are an interesting thing to test, and while it could be the placebo affect, I did feel calmer after drinking it, and bliss, with a focus boost, is the perfect choice for me as I have ADHD.

  25. Christin B

    We love this bright, lightly flavored CBD water!

  26. Colleen E

    Refreshing and has a nice flavor. You wouldn’t know there was CBD in it without reading the label.

  27. Tammy Gilmore

    I loved this tasty grapefruit drink. It’s a great refreshing drink throughout the day to keep you going.

  28. Lori H

    This stuff is good and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t normally like sparkling water!! Good flavor (grapefruit) and not too fizzy. I drank it when i was dragging and it gave me the boost I needed. I would definitely try this again!

  29. inel w

    I already drink sparkling water everyday and have never tried one with CBD. This gave me so much energy throughout the day. Love the taste too.

  30. Bonnie C

    The flavor was refreshing and it helped stabilize my mood.

  31. Tanya H

    I did not like the taste straight from the can. But I did mix a little juice with it and then it was good to go! I do want to try the other flavors because I’m not a grapefruit person to begin with. So I’m hopeful the others will be good!

  32. Stephanie W

    I use their oils and BLNCD is fast becoming one of my companies. This water tastes great, is refreshing and made with quality – healthy ingredients.

  33. Jennifer W

    Love using CBD Products. This gave me almost immediate relief to a very stressful morning. Love the flavor assortment.

  34. Karen H

    I love a good sparkling water and CBD and this has both! This was such a relaxing refreshing way to end my busy day.

  35. Tiffany J

    Would love to try other flavors. But I love sparkling waters, and the added CBD is great!

  36. Amy D

    Bliss CBD is great to unwind with. Calming CBD. I like the grapefruit. My preference would be sweeten it in some way just a little.

  37. Ronda r

    The sparkling water was refreshing. It had nice grapefruit taste without being overpowering. I did notice that I was a bit more relaxed after drinking. I will be purchasing more of these.

  38. Lisa C

    Refreshing and thirst quenching. Love the taste!

  39. Stephanie W

    I really do like the BLNCD Bliss Sparkling water! It’s so refreshing right out of the refrigerator over some ice! The pink grapefruit gives me just the right amount of focus without any jitteriness and no horrible crash. It’s not sickly sweet yet refreshing and doesn’t leave any bad after tasting my mouth! Super super refreshing!

  40. Hunter S

    Was amazing! i honestly didn’t expects so many things in one little box! The CBD water didn’t taste too strong and was pretty good when cold.

  41. Margaret M

    Really refreshing taste. Good flavor. Lots of bubbles. Kept me energized and focused.

  42. April W

    I really liked this. I had a very stressful day yesterday which flared up my rosacea really bad. I drink this today and i did feel much calmer and the redness on my face seemed to clear up.

  43. Alisse k

    Never knew sparkling water could be so good. This truly helps and works wonders. i have a hard time sleeping. But the cbd water relaxed me and helped me get a full nights rest and felt so relaxed. Thank you #dailygoodiebox

  44. Sarah S

    LOVE this product!!! Enjoyed the flavor & CBD.

  45. Vellecia S

    Delicious grapefruit that calmed me down and allowed me to sleep. I add fresh fruit to enjoy my sparkling water. No after taste, no bitter taste. Just refreshing flavored water.

  46. Matt T

    This was very good sparkling water but I did not find any benefits from it but it was very delicious I would probably buy it again.

  47. Jennifer R

    I love the taste of this. It’s subtle and delicious and refreshing. Totally something relaxing to drink, and has a relaxing effect after a hard day.

  48. Heather H

    I love the fizziness and benefits of this drink. I don’t like sparkling water, but I enjoyed this drink.

  49. Sherry D

    I really liked this sparkling water. The pink grapefruit is really tasty and when this is chilled it is delicious. If you like pink grapefruit this stuff is yummy & sparkling water is one of my favorites. I would definitely purchase this. #DailyGoodieBox

  50. Demi G

    This was very nice. I enjoyed the flavor, not too sweet or strong. The sparkling water was enjoyable. i took some time for myself to relax and enjoy this drink and i think it did a good job have a nice relaxing effect. Very pleased.

  51. Bethany P

    This BLNCED Bliss water has s fruity taste and can be relaxing

  52. Ann B

    Nice grapefruit flavor here with all the fizz too! I did enjoy both the flavor as well as the clean feeling of peace and energy it gave me.

  53. Alisha R

    I enjoyed this drink so much. I not only loved the light taste but had grapefruit which is a favorite of mine.

  54. Kimberly A

    I enjoy this sparkling water. plan on trying the other flavors too.

  55. Yvette H

    I have tried topical CBD products, but this is my first time ingesting it. I have to say I was very pleased. I know it is advertised as Sparkling Water, but I found that it did not have the typical fizz I am used to in regular sparkling water. Aside from that I loved the taste. The Pink Grapefruit was so fresh and clean. It tasted just like eating a pink grapefruit. I admit pink grapefruit is my favorite as apposed to regular grapefruit. I can confidently attest to trying different CBD products and recommend them to my friends.

  56. Lauren K

    Really enjoyed the concept of this and the packaging was so cute! The grapefruit made it taste a little to hempy for my liking… I would love to try it in other flavors though because I felt amazing after drinking it! I already looked up stores near me that sell this and intend to buy again soon!

  57. Madison A

    The taste was absolutely great but I didn’t see an effect… I believe that if drank over time or more often there could possibly be an effect but the taste was awesome.

  58. Ciera H

    Very yummy! It’s very pretty as well! I love the can and the way it tastes! 10/10

  59. Tiffany G

    So tasty and good for you!

  60. Barbara R

    Omg can I say delicious!! I hate water or any type of flavoring but this stuff was so goood!! It wasn’t too harsh and the smell was so enlightening. I’ll definitely be buying more of these.

  61. Kristen L

    I love pink grapefruit and was excited to try the Bliss Sparkling Water this morning. After feeling under the weather for a week, I was hoping for a little pick me up. I definitely noticed the increase in my energy and maybe slightly more than my usual coffee. The taste was pleasing and not too overpowering. And of course you can’t go wrong with zero calories. I would certainly purchase, as I am interested in trying the other flavors and the CBD cocktail recipe included with this product.

  62. Christin B

    The best afternoon chill out beverage!

  63. Amber Z

    I received a can of the Pink Grapefruit BLNCD Bliss CBD Sparkling Water as a free sampled in my Daily Goodie Box the flavor was so refreshing and the fat that it has zero calories is a big plus and it’s also a good source of Vitamin C. I felt a sense of calm after drinking it and will definitely consider buying it for myself and my husband.

  64. Amanda M

    The grapefruit flavor was light, yummy and refreshing. A great drink when relaxing. I look forward to trying the other flavors.

  65. Sherry D

    I really liked this sparkling water. The pink grapefruit is really tasty and when this is chilled it is delicious. If you like pink grapefruit this stuff is yummy & sparkling water is one of my favorites. I would definitely purchase this. #dailygoodiebox

  66. Demi G

    The sparkling water has mild grapefruit flavor and is refreshing, I didn’t really feel any effect after drinking it.

  67. Corbin

    Love the taste of all the CBD flavors. I definitely feel relaxed after drinking one. I slept like a baby last night! Some people say they feel more alert, but it definitely is a wind down beverage for me! I love them and have bought quite a few the last couple of days.

  68. Kaitlyn

    Delicious, very easy to drink. Perfect thing to drink the minute I close my laptop for the day.

  69. Freddie

    Love the natural flavor of the grapefruit flavor. It’s my first experience with cannabis products and love the relax mood and the improvement in my sleep pattern