Elegance is taste + daring… The ultimate list of the best E-Liquid flavors

Learning Leaf | Vapor
March 18, 2019

Taste is everything. We are talking about both your taste for flavor and your taste for life. What makes your personal brand? Aesthetics for clothing, your preferred products and hobbies, instinctual feelings toward people, places, and things? Taste definitely improves over time as we gather more experiences and learn life lessons. While great taste in entertainment makes you a person to follow in your social circle, it takes a discerning eye to decide what kind of people you want to surround yourself with. Furthermore, your personal style needs to leave a lasting impression of confidence, wealth, and luxury – from the shoes that you are wearing to the e-cigarette in your hand. So…what is your taste when it comes to e-liquid flavor?

Vaping is the best place for a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure kind of smoker. e-liquid is so satisfying because it is connected to your specific, personal taste. There aren’t any calories and you don’t have to worry about the serious side effects associated with smoking cigarettes. You can enjoy a wide spectrum of different flavors without any guilt. We have asked some of the most experienced vapers about their favorite flavors and the results are pretty diverse.  We will tell you ours if you tell us yours!

Classic Menthol Notes

Who says that the refreshing taste of menthol is boring? This is a constant favorite for many vaping experts. Imagine the cool taste of menthol without the poisonous additives of cigarettes. This choice is a true gem for those who like to stick to basics and value a classic essence. A menthol is a great option with a smooth finish – the after-dinner mint that’s never disappointed you. Invigorating and crisp yet strong in aroma, it will leave you satiated and then wanting more. What are the preferred products?  If you want a clean menthol taste, a great option is MENTHOL BY HELLS VAPORS. If you want a different twist on the classic menthol palate, try POLITICALLY CORRECT. You will absolutely love this strange combination of watermelon and menthol. It will be a flavor you can’t wait to savor.

Sinful Symphonies

Let’s get a little naughty and devilish… If you are a savvy vaper, you’ve probably heard of a brand called Hells Vapors. Who knew Hells Vapors could taste so sweet? Just joking, of course. This brand is one of the most popular among experienced vapers. What’s not to love? There is something for everyone! Mix your love for nicotine and caffeine in one awesome combo – start your day with Hells Vapors ‘’CAPPUCCINO’’ FLAVOR. Your day will be twice as awesome. Remember when we mentioned luxury before? Most of us don’t have a chance to drink champagne every day, but now you don’t have to find time for bubbly. You can celebrate every end to your workday with CHAMPAGNE ROSE – it is just like a refreshing glass of sweet and sensuous champagne. Now let’s talk about guilty pleasures… nothing is sweeter than a good old cinnamon roll, especially when you are on a diet and summer is approaching. Now you can enjoy the taste of your favorite breakfast treat without the calories through Hells Vapors SIN-A-BUN . It tastes so delicious, you’ll forget you don’t need to feel guilty! Choose your favorite sin and go all in… If you are a beginner, don’t be afraid – first, do your homework ABOUT THE ESSENTIALS OF VAPING and find your favorite sin. Or let the sin find you?

Fruity mix for the pure tropical joy

Now you can have your fill of tropical beaches, fancy cocktails, and exotic fruit all year long! It is up to you! Will you play it safe and choose your standard favorite or will you dare to try something new that might tickle your taste buds? Experiment with premium blends of e-liquid – everyone can choose what matches their unique tastes. Some of our clients’ personal favorites include classics like PEACH BERRY, which features freshly picked fruit to boost your vitamin levels. Others, on the other hand, love the citrus taste of THE COAST as it immediately transfers you to a never-ending summer. If you want to taste an intense combination of the forbidden fruit,  LILITH will be a perfect choice. It has notes of berries and pomegranate. Whatever comes to your mind, there’s probably an e-liquid tailored just for that! Try them all and find out. Remember, it’s about the journey – not the destination.

Sweet Candy

Of course, we appropriately left the desert for the very end of this delicious list of delectable hazes. When you are in your favorite e-liquid store, you should feel like a kid in a candy store. For all of you with a sweet tooth, wow, do we have a special treat for you! Remember AUNT HELEN’S LEMON FROSTED CUPCAKE? The family’s secret recipe is out – so enjoy old desserts in a completely new form. Our list of sweet tastes wouldn’t be complete without NANA’S FRUIT PIZZA. Marshmallows and fruit are dancing to this delicious melody and bringing only sweet memories with it.

So, do you like our list of all-time favorite flavors? Share your personal favorite – we would love to hear from you!