Vanilla flavor alert! The ultimate list of vanilla flavored e-liquids

Learning Leaf | Vapor
August 23, 2019

Ah . . . who doesn’t like the mild and refreshing flavor of vanilla? It’s one of the most classic tastes and is found in countless cuisines–because it pairs well with so many different things! It probably reminds you of cold ice cream in the summer, fresh cookies, or maybe even perfume (Vanilla Tobacco by Tom Ford, anyone?). What does it remind us of? Vaping! Some of our favorite e-liquid flavors combine luscious vanilla with all sorts of fun ingredients. Today, we’re walking you through these flavors to see whether vanilla really does go with anything.

Hellishly delicious

Hells Vapors are our favorite guilty pleasure in the bottle, and for us some of their best fluids contain vanilla. Don’t look any further than their French Vanilla for a smooth and clean taste that will have you feeling like you just sliced open a fresh vanilla bean.

On the other side of the spectrum from the pure flavor of their French Vanilla, Hells Vapors offers something with a bit more of an edge. If you want your silky vanilla paired with something sultry but classy, give their Vanilla Tobacco e-liquid a shot. Imagine yourself in your local tobacco shop, rolling a vanilla cigarillo through your fingers and taking in its aroma. What does it make you want to do? Indulge your desires with Hells Vapors.

It’s Elementary, Watson!

Want to feel like Sherlock Holmes wielding a traditional corn cob pipe filled to the brim with the finest tobacco from the East Indies? With Professor T’s e-liquids, you can enjoy the taste of exotic pipe tobacco and the beautiful nicotine kick that comes with it–all without the health risk and guilt.

Professor T combines this classical tobacco flavoring with creamy vanilla and a zing of peppermint to make this liquid one that you won’t be able to quit!

Every day’s a Bad Hare Day

The bunny of Dripstar’s Bad Hare Day is the baddest rabbit you’ll ever come across. Just take a look at the label: do you really want to mess with this rabid rabbit with a bloody mouth? But take a draw of this juice and you’ll feel like you’ve chased him down the rabbit hole and found yourself at the Queen of Hearts dessert table, where you can devour one of her scrumptious vanilla custards.

We’ve tried this custardy treat ourselves and have to say it’s worth the risk! Vanilla never tasted so daring. So grab your lucky rabbit’s paw, you might need it to survive your Bad Hare Day.

We all want to live in a Polite Society

If such a wacky adventure is not your cup of tea, maybe you should try a different kind of tea. How about a nice vanilla chai? “White Girl” by Polite Society will make you feel like you’re in line at a trendy coffee shop behind a blonde who just got out of pilates. Why not take a note from her and order the same thing. Start off your day the right way by taking in a breath that’s somehow creamy, spicy and floral all at once–just like the Indian beverage.

That’s not the only vanilla fluid that Polite Society has on offer, though. If you’re looking for something with more sweet notes that will remind you of your favorite birthday cake, you should try We the People. It tastes like raspberry ice cream on top of a warm, freshly baked, rich vanilla cupcake. Yummy!

Arrr you ready for Black Beard’s Liquid?

Wanna feel like a legendary pirate catching some much needed R&R in a seedy Carribean port town? Then you need to get your hands on a barrel of Black Beard’s Liquid’s “Forty-One.” This complex concoction is a buttery mix of vanilla and cream with a note of black currant that will make you want to kick up your feet in the tavern and never set sail again. Give it a shot today, matey!

We can only help you so much on your search for the perfect vanilla-flavored e-liquid. The rest is up to you! Start browsing through our massive collection of vape fluids today to find the unique profile of flavors that can pump some imagination into your vaping experience!