Feeling Festive: Try our Top Ten Favorite Holiday E-Liquid Flavors

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December 25, 2019

Welp. It’s finally here. Winter. The last remaining colors of summer have been replaced by a blanket of fresh snow, and the parties have moved indoors. Some of us love the cold solitude and cozy clothes, while others spend the season in hibernation, surfacing only for the occasional week in the Bahamas. However you may feel about winter, there’s no denying that it can be a feast for the senses. The smell of holiday foods by the wood-burning stove warms your frostbitten nose and bring back memories of the year gone by. Choosing great Christmas e-liquid flavors for the winter will keep you feeling happy throughout the season. Here are ten of our holiday favorites to get you started.

1) Creme – Mint

Nothing feels quite as cold and clean as mint, and it is one of the most popular e-liquid flavors of all time. Add a little cream to take a little bit off the bite, and you’ve got yourself a winter favorite. Gotta get that fresh breath if you’re going to be hanging out underneath the mistletoe all night. Am I right?

2) Drip Star – City Slicker

Winter citrus is always the best. The fruit is fully ripe, and brimming with a sweet acidic bite. Slice some up to go with your morning cinnamon roll, and you’ll never go back to work again! Drip Star has made this most important meal of the day into tasty e-liquids that you can take with you anywhere. No pajamas required.

3) Dripped Life – Carnival

Fall arrives with grocery store displays overflowing with apples. We buy them by the toteful, and make them the centerpiece in so many winter desserts. If you don’t have the time or counter space to bake, there’s no need to worry. Dripped Life has you covered. Nothing quite conveys the holiday season like this caramel apple pastry e-liquid from Dripped Life. Carnival is sure to become one of your holiday favorites.

4) Eyedentity – Dainty

Warm up your winter nights with cinnamon, the sweet and spicy bark that we love to grind into everything Christmas. If you dream of warmer climates, take a trip with Eyedentity’s Dainty, a cinnamon churro with apple cream anglaise e-liquid that will put you right where you want to be. Your brain will go to Spain, but all you’ll get is this tasty churro. I think you can handle that.

5) Flight – Kizzle Sauce

Nothing warms your winter bones like that first cup of morning coffee. It’s rich and delicious, and when you round it out with sugar and cream, it’s like heaven in a cup. As they say, it’s the best part of waking up. Flight has recreated that glorious experience with Kizzle Sauce. Now you can keep the coffee and ditch the jitters!

6) Polite Society – White Girl

Some people don’t like coffee, but even crazy people need a hot drink to take their body temps to “toasty”. If this sounds like you, maybe vanilla chai tea is more up your alley. Polite Society has given you the ability to relax with a cup, even if you don’t have time to visit your local tea shop. There’s nothing like vanilla and spice to get you through the winter.

7) Fu Man Brews – Charles Dinsmore Reserve

Nothing settles the stomach at the end of a big holiday meal like a little Turkish tobacco on the front porch with Dad, sipping a nice vanilla bourbon. Fu Man Brews combined these classic pieces of nostalgia with toasted almonds to create Charles Dinsmore Reserve. It’s double casked with subtle hints of coconut and bakery undertones for a complex and rich vape, making it a perfect companion to the cold.

8) Hells Vapors – Melted Dreams

People have been leaving cookies and cream for Santa since the dawn of time. Can you imagine eating that many cookies? No wonder he’s such a big guy who sits around the mall all the time. Now you can beat the bloat with Melted Dreams by Hells Vapors. You get all of the cookies with none of the calories!

9) Ninja Sauce – Shuriken

Now that summer is over, it’s time to pull out those bananas you shoved in the back of the freezer and whip up a batch of banana bread with cinnamon. You’ll love having a loaf of everyone’s favorite bread to go along with their favorite season. Or, you can toss the apron and pick up some Ninja Sauce Shuriken. Whatever suits you.

10) SoNo – Apple Shine

Apple pie moonshine floods the south at the start of the holiday season, and it’s a tradition lots of folks love. The moonshine is so smooth it can be dangerous. There’s only a slight hint of alcohol, and you can feel the warmth all the way down. If you want the shine without the rough morning after, try Apple Shine by SoNo. You’ll find it on your Christmas list of e-liquid flavors you can’t be without.