Can expired e-liquid hurt you?

Learning Leaf | Vapor
January 29, 2020

The E-liquid craze is still not fading away. But what happens when the flavor fades away?

With the growing popularity of e-liquids, you can enjoy numerous benefits of vaping. Vaping is in many ways, a better and healthier option than smoking. It is tasty, it is rich, and it has 0 calories. Because a man without a vice is a man without any virtue, remember that. E-liquids have rich flavor and you enjoy every drop.  But did you know, there is such a thing as an expiration date for e-liquids? We know that you, probably like the rest of us, use e-liquid right away so it is practically impossible to reach the expiration date – but let’s imagine that you bought a full stack of different flavors or you simply forgot about that extra e-liquid bottle. When you find it again, it is like a gift from the past you to present to you. Well, make sure to find it within two years – because that is the approximate expiration date for e-liquids. But don’t worry, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to share with you.

What happens when e-liquid expires

It is a lengthy process that starts slowly and keeps on progressing. The date on the bottle is just a mere suggestion about best before use. So, watch for the signs of your e-liquid going from good to bad… or in this case ugly, when it comes to taste and looks as well.

  • The first thing that goes away is the flavor, hand in hand with that pleasant smell you enjoyed. What will remain is just a pale copy of the rich flavor that was originally created. Also, you may notice a weird smell that is the first indicator that something bad is happening.
  • The color of the vape liquid could get darker and you could see a change in the bottle color itself as well.
  • Some of the users noticed the sediment on the bottom of the bottle. It disappears when the bottle is shaken but it should be a warning sign that you should throw away that bottle.

Lastly, and most importantly, is that the actual nicotine strength will disappear over time. This aspect is vital for those vapers who made their transition from smoking to vaping and they need to get their daily dose of nicotine.

How to store e-liquid properly?

The good news is that with proper care you can prolong the life of your vape liquids big time. Some e-liquids are expensive so you don’t want anything bad to happen to it. Well, there is always a solution to use it right away and not think about it anymore. But, if you have decided to create a personal stash of vape liquids, keep the following in mind:

  • Keep it cool – literally. Keep it in a dark, cool place. Darkness and lower room temperatures make the perfect conditions to keep your favorite cloudy desert fresh. For maximum longevity – store it in the fridge. In the movies, cryogenics always save the day!
  • Make sure that bottles are perfectly sealed – once you open it, the entire process of oxidation hits and flavor starts going away. So close your bottles tightly in order to save that flavor.

What happens if you use expired e-liquid? Can it hurt you in some way?

It can only hurt your feelings… because vaping the expired e-liquid will probably ruin your experience of vaping. It is not like medications that will hurt you if you use it after the expiration date, yet it is not like a wine that gets better with aging. If you notice that the flavor has changed and that you are not getting that full rich flavor; well, it’s time for another shopping tour. Take a look at our e-liquid store for example and pick your favorite flavor. Or browse for your new favorite candy. The candy store is always open since we have eCommerce!

Why does my vape liquid turn brown?

You had a bottle of untouched e-liquid and it doesn’t look like golden goodness anymore? Sweet nectar turned into a dark matter that simply looks nasty (or cool if you are into gothic culture). It is not pleasant to see this or imagine vaping it. It is avoidable in some cases, based on e-liquid ingredients. It is a pretty benign thing – some of the e-liquids on market use artificial sweeteners or sugars so it could be a cause of your e-liquid choosing the dark side. Carbs are the root of all evil, obviously. If your e-liquid turned darker in your vape tank, you can blame oxidation – which is really a natural process that starts occurring once you open your e-liquid bottle. If you don’t mind the looks and if what’s inside counts – then enjoy your e-liquid without any care because it can’t harm you.

In conclusion – can I vape expired e-liquid?

You may use it if you want to go for it. But it is not going to be a pleasant experience. It could be rather disappointing because the flavor and nicotine strength have declined with time. If you are a purebred-vaping-enthusiast, you just can’t let yourself get anything but a first-class experience. So we suggest you dispose of it and buy a new choice. E-liquids are very affordable and you can enjoy a whole variety of flavors. Also, make sure that you safely dispose of it. Keep it out of the reach of children and don’t just throw it in the garbage. Use absorbing materials and pour out the liquid (cat litter for example) and you can rest assured that you did the right thing.