Premium Storage Tube


Sleek tube design to contain odors. ONGROK’s Premium Storage Tube utilizes a double rubber o-ring, airtight seal that keeps contents contained. Designed to be discreet, this tube blends in well in a home or an office environment.


Contain odors. Double rubber o’ring, airtight seal keeps odors contained.

Lightweight & durable. Protect your goods with anodized, aircraft grade aluminum.

Easy-access. Tube uses a friction fit, pop-off cap for easy access.

Why We Love ONGROK

Quality Construction: Designed in North America using quality materials, such as natural hardwoods, aircraft-grade aluminum, and eco-friendly materials, with a modern design.

ONGROK 100% Performance Guarantee: All products are backed by their Risk-Free Guarantee, the goal is to enhance your experience by delivering the best products possible. If you are dissatisfied, contact ONGROK and they pledge to help make it right.


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