Rolling Papers – 1-1/4


Why be basic, when you can be Parisian premium? Proudly vegan and non-GMO, Blazy Susan’s Rolling Papers are made in France using premium materials that deliver a high quality slow burn with no aftertaste. Available in pink or purple.

  • Slow burn and no aftertaste
  • 50 Leaves per booklet, almost double the average of 32 papers per booklet
  • GMO-Free
  • Vegan
Why We Love Blazy Susan

Breast Cancer Research Support: Blazy Susan supports breast cancer research year-round, and promotes special initiatives to generate donations.

Fights Against Canna-Stigmas: Blazy Susan stands for equality and empowerment. They know the cannabis community & its members are often unfairly criticized. They hope to be a glowing example in this uncharted territory.


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