Kit Kenney’s Top Five Canna-Buys

Cannabis | Learning Leaf
December 10, 2023

Kit is the CEO & founder of Kennebis; a Minnesota-based cannabis consulting and education firm specializing in product development, business/brand growth, and social media.

We teamed up with Kit because, like Turning Leaf, she’s on a mission to destigmatize and demystify the plant through fun and engaging educational experiences. Her team helps guide people through the front end of the cannabis industry, providing innovative solutions and sparking connections. If we want to change the world, we start with education. Here’s what Kit had to say about our Stillwater Turning Leaf experience.

Passion Driven Work

After doing hair for 16 years it became obvious to me that people just want to be heard and everyone needs less stress in their lives. That’s why I make it my mission to discover products that are helpful and can ease life – from hair products to now cannabis products, consumable/useable products are my passion. Turning Leaf invited me in to tour and show off some of MY favorite products.

Keep reading for my fabulous recommendations!

BLNCD *new* Brain Boost Elixir

Out of all of the BLNCD beverages their newest additions are my favorite! The Hibiscus Punch Brain Boost Elixir hit the nail on the head by blending both flavors without being too sweet or overpowering. I prefer an option that allows brain stimulation without all the caffeine!

GRAV Martini Glass Bubbler

GRAV is a strong company providing quality and classy glassware. The Martini Glass Bubbler had to come home with me because who doesn’t want some cloud culture out of a cute functional piece WITH A STRAW!! This will look so kitchy and perfect on my cannabis bar cart.

Ongrok Pink 5-Piece Grinder with Storage

Not gonna lie I choose the Pink Ongrok Grinder because of the color. Little did I know it was about to become my all time favorite grinder. As someone who struggles daily with chronic pain in my hands and wrists this grinder has become a life saver. This mill style grinder pushes your product down while separating it keeping your product fluffy. This is definitely my favorite tool at the moment.

GRAV Ellipse Ashtray

All ashtrays should look like art and this GRAV Ellipse piece does not disappoint. The small but sturdy piece looks like a captured rainbow! There is even a little spot to set your joint, lighter or poker! The holographic colors brighten up any space and it constantly receives compliments. The weight of the tray is lovely so it doesn’t go flying anywhere.

YoCan Adjustable Battery

While the concentrate movement only grows, so do the tools we use to consume them. I’ve used YoCan in the past for concentrate on the go, so when I saw the adjustable battery (and of course in pink) I had to have it. Cartridges have started coming out in different sizes and I never want to be stuck with a product where it does not fit into my battery. The YoCan adjustable battery caters to all sizes and its compact size glides into my pockets.


Not only was I impressed by the sheer assortment of products, I appreciated the thoughtful selection Turning Leaf has. You can’t go wrong! Their staff was helpful and eager to recommend their favorites as well as help me find mine! With great customer service, Turning Leaf has TURNED me into a fan. The Stillwater location was clean and not overly stuffed with products. Even if you are not a seasoned cannabis user, Turning Leaf will have you shopping with ease. 10/10 High Grade Recommendation from me!

Your Special, Specialty Store

Turning Leaf is a one-stop shop for all functional mushroom products, cannabis, wellness, cigar, and vape. We have an extensive selection of products and accessories for any occasion. Our team participates in ongoing training & education, so we can provide reliable information for our products, so you can feel confident making the right decision for your needs. Our motto is: education first, sales second.

Contact us, or stop at your local Turning Leaf for more information on how we can help you find the quality alternative lifestyle products.