Kratom is an herbal extract derived from the leaves of the tropical evergreen tree Mitragyna speciosa, that contains psychoactive opioid compounds. These compounds are known to bind to mu-opioid receptors. It is also known as Ketum, Herbal Speedball, Kahuam, Ithang, and Thom. This extract is sold in a loose powder or capsule form. 

ATTENTION: Our Kratom products are currently available in-store only. Kratom is only sold at our Minnesota and North Dakota locations. It is illegal in Wisconsin and not sold at our Wisconsin store locations. This product is not FDA-approved. Visit your state government website to find out more information about specific state regulations on Kratom.

Holistic • Natural • Relief • Relaxation • Sleep • Energy • Therapeutic 

Kratom Products


Gelatin-based capsules encasing 0.5mg of Red, White, or Green strain Kratom powder for easy ingestion in quantities of 10, 30, 60, 120, or 250 count jar.


Loose Kratom powder – comes in Red, White, or Green strain in a quantity of 20g, 50g, 100g, 250g, or 500g sealed jar.