Wellness is a huge part of the Turning Leaf culture. It is important to us that we provide a pathway to a healthier lifestyle for all of our customers that walk through the door. Whether you’re in the process of trying to quit smoking, or looking to up your self-care routine – we are here to educate and guide you to the products that are right for you. 

Our wellness products are currently available in-store only. Online purchasing is coming in 2022. Please see our locations tab to find a store near you.

Clean • Natural • Alternative • Mindful • Beneficial • Rejuvenating 

Top Wellness Brands

Wellness Products


Clean-burning FarmHouse Fresh candles, that are hand-made in Texas with various scents like Honey-Chai, Midnight on the Dock, and Whiskey Bonfire.


Various infused aromatic burning sticks that release fragrant smoke when burned.


An array of skin moisturizes with delightful scents and specialized ingredients for the body, face, and lips.


Essential oils, including oils infused with CBD that can be used for skincare, massage, or added to your beverages/food.


Perfumes and body mists of various captivating scents. Cologne coming soon in 2022.

Pet Care

Pet focused CBD infused treats, tinctures, and shampoos.

Skin Cleansers

Clean and organic based facial cleansers that safely remove impurities of the skin.

Soaps & Scrubs

Organically based products for body, and facial purposes, including bath bombs for an aromatic and relaxing soak in the tub.