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    I never was for vaping I watched my son do it and didn't think it was for me. Well, one day, I decided to try a disposable and liked it due to flavor and the fact that it didn't make me smell like a cigarette. I bought a Vaporesso and Strawberry Lemonade (menthol) salt nic. I couldn't even tell you the day I quit smoking but am so Happy. I wish I had tried this a couple years ago when my son asked me to. I am 53 and smoked since I was 15 and am so excited to have quit. I never liked the smell of cigarettes even when I smoked or the way my clothes and myself smelled. But now I barely use the nicotine but enjoy the flavor immensely when I do vape. Thank You 😊

    Michelle B

    Katie & Lauren and the whole staff go above and beyond to accommodate me on the products I buy from them (as I drive 1.5 hours to get there). They’re always great to deal with and very knowledgeable. I would recommend the Alex store to everyone!


    The staff is always helpful and friendly.


    I have been vaping for years and I moved up here about two years ago. I did some shopping around to find MY vape shop and I found you guys fast and have been a happy return customer for almost two years. As long as I vape and use CBD products your store will be my number one go to spot and I always recommend it to others. Staff is fantastic and well educated on anything that I've ever asked and your loyalty program is awesome! 10/10 love you guys!

    Keagan Mueller

    I always love coming in to your shop! All your employees are so nice and friendly and they have gotten to know what I like and make awesome recommendations! The only place I go for any of my products!


    Have always had great experience at the east and university Ave locations staff is very knowledgeable, me and my brother frequent these establishment at least once a week and the staff is always welcoming friendly and helpful!


    I never write reviews, but when I saw that they were rebranding, I knew I had to. Best selection, deals, rewards, and great knowledgeable staff. Very nice atmosphere. I moved away recently and I miss it!


    Great customer service.


    Love this place.

    Antonio Williams

    Great shop! Staff is courteous and helpful! Great selection too!


    Staff is super helpful and knowledgeable! I didn't know anything about vaping, the staff was ready to help. I'm happy with the products I purchase every time.


    Great manager and staff, very friendly and helpful.