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    I really appreciate the knowledgeable staff. They always recommend we'll and are very helpful and friendly!


    The store always has the nicest and most knowledgeable staff. I love going in there and asking questions, and getting industry advice on new products and the help I need.


    Idk if I love the staff or products more ❤❤❤❤


    I’ve been using cannabis therapeutically in many different forms for over a decade now. I was definitely hesitant before my first purchase of some CBD products from turning leaf/(previously) infinite vapor. But I’m glad I did, and I will continue to be a loyal customer! I don’t feel I ask for much as a customer. But most brands just don’t cut it for me. Every single product I’ve tried from Turning Leaf has FAR exceeded my expectations. From the in store experience, how long the products last, the variety, taste, potency, even the packaging! I usually need several servings of something to get to get to job done. That is not the case with their products! Thank you for providing this business!


    I highly recommend checking out this place. They have such a great variety of products for different individuals. I'm not personally someone who uses vape products, but I love their selection of CBD and wellness products they offer since they made their renovations and expanded their product selection. I struggled with insomnia for some time and I found the BLNCD CBD relax roller to really help me fall asleep. The aroma is so soothing and has such a calming effect for me personally. The store atmosphere and workers really make for a pleasant shopping experience. I will absolutely be coming back for more CBD and wellness products in the future!


    Infinite Vapor was the first place I went after researching vaping for months. I wanted to take the dive and quit smoking. Kayla was the person who helped me, explaining how everything works, answering my questions about everything, even the ones I didn't ask. She set me up with the MG she thought I should start with, and a starter kit. I actually still have my original Aspire pen too. That was seven years ago. I haven't had a cigarette since the day after I got that kit. I'm still vaping today, encouraged by my doctor. My lung capacity/oxygenation went from 75% to 98%, my blood pressure went from borderline high to normal. Even though I can't get to the shop often, I still think fondly of it, remaining a member of their FB and mailing list in case there's a chance I can make it back to Madison.

    Todd Berhman

    By the time the winter of 2019 had rolled around, I had been a customer of Infinite Vapor for six years. The staff knew me well and that I had just given birth to my son and was struggling with my seasonal depression, general anxiety, and arthritis. They had recently brought CBD products from a local company. They shared the brand's background and took me through the product line. As usual, they were very thorough, and there were a few questions they deferred me to my doctor for answers. I went to Infinite Vapor a week later and decided to try out a CBD oil. For the second time, Infinite Vapor rocked my world in the best way possible: I was able to say goodbye to my anxiety-inducing caffeine habit and muster up the strength to get out of bed during my rough patches of depression with the help of Bliss+ CBD Oil by BLNCD Naturals. That didn't happen overnight; I took that oil daily for about three weeks when I noticed this surge of energy. Then, progressively over the month to follow, I weened myself off caffeine. Mind you; I was drinking about 30oz of cold press or 6 shots of espresso - I was a caffeine addict through and through. It took me a while to realize that my seasonal depression was more manageable. In addition, my general anxiety had decreased dramatically since I had cut the caffeine while maintaining a more stable energy level. They then recommended Chill CBD Oil by BLNCD to help take the edge off and allow me to quiet my brain on restless nights. They also turned me onto their Relief+ CBD balm for my arthritis, and WOW, was that a game-changer. To this day, I still use these products (amongst many others); that's not to say my seasonal depression, anxiety, and arthritis are still around pestering me. But the products recommended all those years ago have certainly helped make everything manageable. What can I say? You've got me for life, Infinite Vapor.

    Anjel V.