Chaga Mushroom Capsules

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King of the North. The Chaga mushroom, or the “King of the North,” has been one of the most highly regarded adaptogenic mushrooms for centuries. When it comes to antioxidants, few things can compare to the power of this mushroom. This potent fungus has been used all over the world for its many benefits, including supporting digestion, boosting immunity, fighting infections, reducing inflammation, and repairing gut damage. Just 2 capsules daily deliver all the synergistic benefits of Chaga, aiding in digestion with prebiotics and immune-supporting compounds.

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  • Supporting digestion
  • Boosts immunity, fights infections
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Prebiotics aids in digestion, and repairing gut damage

60 Vegan Capsules / 30 Servings

We process our Chaga mycelium in the most sustainable way that preserves the potency of the mushroom’s functional qualities. In addition, Chaga helps your body build up cytokines; those good proteins that stimulate white blood cells, the militant ones that fight viruses and bacteria day and night.

Our Chaga is sustainably grown and packaged with 100% recycled ocean plastics here in Oregon.


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Why We Love Verdant Leaf

Sustainably Made in the US: Verdant Leaf mushrooms are sustainably grown, processed, and packaged from our labs in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Quality Ingredients: Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, USDA Certified Organic, Oregon Kosher Certified


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