Percolator Water Pipe


You new favorite travel pipe. Thicket offers a conveniently compact and highly effective design with their portable water pipe. This travel bong is ideal for any place you want to enjoy your favorite dry herb or concentrate. It is the must-have bong is streamlined and cylindrical in shape, easy to pack, or carry – it can even fit in your vehicle’s cup holder.


Extremely discreet: Thicket has carefully designed this travel bong to be smell-proof and leak-proof, making it discrete and easy to carry anywhere you want.

Perfect for outdoors & travel. It is the ideal bong to throw in your backpack, purse, tote, or suitcase without having to worry about spills, unwanted odors, or taking up too much space.

Designed with intent. The intentional design of the glass neck, bowl, and percolator allows easy cleaning and optimal smoking flow to enjoy the smoothest hits.

Built-in ash catcher. You’ll never have to worry about carrying additional accessories.


Included: 1 Glass Percolator Pipe, 1 Glass Bowl, 1 Glass Neck, 1 White Rubber Stopper, Canister

Product Size: Approx. 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 6.8″

How to Use:

  1. Pull the white knob off to let the air flow come through,
  2. Pull the cap on top to pull up the glass pipe ~ listen to that beautiful sound as you pull it up!.
  3. Pull off the bottom canister to get the glass bowl and neck.
  4. Place them on the canister.
  5. Add water from the top of the percolator glass pipe.
  6. Add your favorite herb or dab… ENJOY
Why We Love THiCket

Unique design. THiCket is our go-to for creative options in portable water pipes, travel bongs and torches. They provide an exceptional user experience in compact and fun designs.

Quality first. Products are durable, long-lasting, and ideal to use at home or during travel. The thermos bong is smell and leak-proof and comes with a bowl and connector case. Torches are made from premium materials, including a stainless steel tip, with safety locks, adjustable flames, and a refillable system for butane.


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